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Module 16—Long-term Effects of Dialysis

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Choosing the Life You Want

Your best bet to feel your best and avoid long-term effects of dialysis is to make good choices and take care of yourself. To do this, you need to truly believe that your life is worth living—and that you have something to live for.

So, what's most important to you?

Sometimes in the course of getting through one busy day after another, we can lose track of our dreams: what we want out of life. What we want to do for others. What we want to achieve or be or do.

Here's your chance to take a few moments and think about your dreams. What inspires you in life? What gives you the most joy? What are you looking forward to? Check as many as apply:

Caring for my children and/or grandchildren
Helping a loved one who needs me
Seeing my ____________________ get married
Seeing a loved one graduate from high school or college
Getting a college or graduate degree myself
Finishing high school or getting a GED
Taking a trip to ____________________
Helping people with ____________________
Getting a promotion at work
Having a special birthday or event
Getting married
Becoming good at a sport or hobby
Winning the lottery
Having a holiday celebration
Becoming famous
Going to a family reunion
There is nothing for me to look forward to

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