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Module 3—Working with Your Health Care Team :: More Reading

Additional Resources

Besides the free Life Options materials you can find at, the resources below may help you learn more about the topics in this module of Kidney School.


  1. Help, I Need Dialysis!, by Dori Schatell, MS, and Dr. John Agar
    (Medical Education Institute, Inc., 2012,, ISBN-13: 978-1937886004)
    Easy to read, fully-referenced book covers the lifestyle impact of each type of dialysis—including information on how dialysis works, with a chapter about each type of dialysis.
  2. The Patient's Guide to Medical Terminology, by Charlotte Isler
    (Practice Mgt. Information Corp., September 1997, ISBN-13: 978-1885987082)
    The author translates well over 1,000 terms and more than 500 abbreviations into easy-to-understand language. This book takes some of the "fear of the unknown" out of medical language.
  3. Working with Your Doctor: Getting the Healthcare You Deserve, by Nancy Keene
    (Patient Centered Guides, July 1998, ISBN-13: 978-1565922730)
    This book contains stories from both doctors and patients who share, in their own words, the lessons and strategies they have learned in their medical journeys. This book presents helpful information on topics such as finding the right doctor, communication, rights and responsibilities of the physician and patient, handling conflict, and options for taking action if you've been wronged.

Other Materials

  1. Health Care Team, by the National Kidney Foundation (NKF).
    For more information or to obtain this item, please call the NKF at 800-622-9010, or visit their website at
  2. Ask Me 3™—Good Questions for Your Good Health, by the Partnership for Clear Health Communication.
    To learn more, visit their website at

Please note: Life Options does not endorse these materials. Rather, we believe you are the best person to choose what will meet your needs from these or other resources you find. Please check with your local library, bookstore, or the internet to find these items.

Module 3—Working with Your Health Care Team :: More Reading